Last Call for “Love Letters” at the Winspear Opera House, ends Sunday, April 3

If you’ve never seen the original Broadway hit written by A.R. Gurney, or if you have, you do not want to miss LOVE LETTERS featuring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal presented by AT&T Performing Arts Center. Trust us, it’s not the same old song and dance. In fact, there is no singing. Or dancing.

The renowned actors who co-starred in the iconic 1970 film Love Story, return to the spotlight to tell, er, read the story of Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner through a series of (we’ll assume) handwritten letters exchanged over the course of a 50 year friendship, love affair and at times, hate affair.  

Andrew is exactly who his seemingly distinguished name portrays him to be. The intelligent, cautious, over-achieving, mostly likable guy (albeit some prick-ish moments ensue) seems to have his five-year plan handy at all times. His counterpart is a well-to-do, free-spirited, ornery and quite often, self-centered young lady whose “live in the moment” mentality causes a bit of turbulence for her future.

The set is simple. One long, rectangular table, two spotlights (each shining on one actor), two chairs, two people, and two glasses of water sit front and center. The actors perch side by side reading aloud the letters each penned to the other as if they live in two different worlds. The two never exchange so much as a glance yet they share all of life’s victories, hardships, achievements and failures. The depth of their affections for one another is undeniable and flawlessly portrayed through MacGraw’s and O’Neal’s performances.

Treat your mom, your sister, your dad, your best friend or your significant other to a heartwarming show filled with love, laughter, wit and memories. Make reservations at one of our award-winning One Arts Plaza restaurants Tei-An, Proof + Pantry or Jorge's Tex Mex Cafe and make it an experience to remember. This Sunday, April 3 is the last day to enjoy LOVE LETTERS so get your tickets today!

Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw

Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw

Photo Credit: Austin Hargrave