Wings of the City by Jorge Marín is now on display in the plaza of One Arts!

One Arts Plaza is pleased to host Wings of the City by Jorge Marín and the premiere sculpture piece titled Alas de Mexico in our plaza from March 7th through May 31st. Alas de Mexico is an interactive sculpture. You are able to see, touch and photograph yourself with the sculpture. It is encouraged to make the space yours and create your own personal experience. 

With over 25 years of artistic work, Jorge Marín has successfully entered into Mexico’s artistic scene and has become a representative of figurative international sculpture using bronze as a particular seal. He has more than 250 exhibitions around the world. Some of his sculptures are in cities including Berlin, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Long Beach, Sarasota, Los Angeles and Shanghai. 

For more information about Jorge Marin or Alas de la Ciudad visit or

Stay tuned for an exciting social media contest launching in April! In the interim, please be sure to share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #ArtAtOneArts and #WingsoftheCity.  
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