Floating Square

Check out this amazing photo taken by Guy Reynolds of Dallas. It actually won the Art & Seek's "Flickr Photo of the Week" contest last week. Taken a few years ago before the Winspear and Wyly were built, Reynolds says "The distinctive square of light on One Arts is like a signature piece on the skyline, and I wanted to present it in a way people don't oridinarily see it." He certainly accomplished his goal. While shooting, he was working on an article for the Dallas Morning News about the new "bling" popping up on our skyline. Lionel Morrison, the archiect for One Arts Plaza explains his reasons for choosing the square: "It's the basic geometric shape that we use in the design of the entire building. It's one of the those elements that really centers the building..in a very classic way and creates this iconic element..which made it a natural for an element to be illuminated at night. The square is a powerful, iconic shape."