Had Breakfast at Jorge's

Yeah, I'm one of those weird guys who takes photos of his food.

I was doing a little work out at the Plaza, and realized that I'd been up for almost four hours without eating. What the heck, let's grab some breakfast at Jorge's. I'm sure it's "pretty good".

Does the phrase "blown away" mean anything to you? Yeah, they were that good. I ordered the three soft, flour tortillas with egg, cheese and chorizo. The tacos are Texas-size and chocked full of egg & chorizo. Then on the side they offer a small cup of ranchero salsa--a green tomato style salsa that was the perfect spice mix. All next to a bed of fried potatoes, tomatoes and jalapenos; with refried beans in case you somehow have any room left. Oh, and did I mention they stack two pieces of bacon on top of the whole thing? Holy smokes! All I could think of was that line from Pulp Fiction, "bacon tastes goooood".

I have to admit I couldn't finish all of mine--but i still had some dessert. They were kind enough to treat me to a delicious sopapilla, covered with powdered sugar and a side of honey. Mmmmm!!!

Gracias, Elizabeth!