D Magazine Fashion Show

We’ve all had this dream right? You saunter in to the lobby of a sexy-cool high-rise condo and there’s a fashion show happening in the lobby. Surrounded by beautiful people hoisting cosmopolitan martinis, you meet up with your friends—techno music thumps over the buzz of the crowd. Later you make your way up to the 22nd-floor, someone hands you a glass of champagne, a guitarist plays softly out on the balcony, and fashion models move like swans through the crowd. The lights of the city flood your senses.

This was my Thursday night at One Arts Plaza as I attended The D Magazine fashion show and Thursday Night Lights. We arrived early to sit outside The Screen Door for a great martini, and to watch the performers from Dallas Black Dance Theatre. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful that was. The sun was setting, a small crowd was gathered, and the music was a soulful mix of trip-hop and urban. The dancers were simply amazing.

After my wife finished her tasty mango-mint julep, we decided to hit the fashion show. I won’t pretend that I know anything about fashion (those who know me can attest to that). However, for me it was the scene that made it worthwhile: beautiful people, chic clothes, lots of talking, laughing and warmth for a condo lobby. The models were supported on square pedestals instead of the typical runway walk, which made the event more personal. They rotated out every few minutes like go-go dancers—some wearing the boots to match.

Then came the best part, we went with my co-workers up to one of the 22nd floor condos for Thursday Night Lights. If you want to know how the other half lives (or if you’re the other half looking for a new home) you have to do this! First off, the condos are beautiful, large and contemporary. Secondly, the view is nothing short of amazing. The temperature was perfect, a light breeze, and the Dallas night was sparkling. We were on the north side looking down at the opera house construction (another great development). When that is finished, you can only imagine the coolness of watching people walk to and from the performance hall.

We had a glass of champagne, mingled, and talked to the models. I thought I had died and gone to Esquire.