We're having a PARTY IN THE PLAZA and it's ONE you won't want to miss!

This is one party no Dallasite dare miss. From Dallas' best local acts including psych jazz band Raché to premier Dallas DJ JT Donaldson and multidisciplinary artist Norvis Junior, One Arts Plaza’s Party in the Plaza: Cheers to Summer! is sure to not disappoint. You can even catch a runway show produced by the incomparable Jan Strimple featuring local designer PRASHE and of course do all of this while grabbing meal or cocktail on the patio at Jorge’s Tex-MexProof + Pantry, or Tei-An. There’s something in store for everyone! For more details check out what our friends at CultureMap had to say. 

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Press We Love

Soy braised Kabocha pumpkin at Tei-An (photo by Carol Shih)

Tei-An on D Side Dish:
It was wonderful to see Tei-An noted in "Four Fall Favories: The Pumpkin Roundup" for their Soy braised Kabocha pumpkin. Carol Shih wrote on DSide Dish, "Tei-An holds a special place in my heart. Everything that comes out of Teiichi’s kitchen should be preserved in a special food museum so future generations can get a taste of this Japanese food art that’s happening in One Arts Plaza. Kabocha pumpkins, which I spotted at Tian Tian Supermarket in Richardson this weekend, are Japanese pumpkins that are a pain in the assassin to cut open. It requires a special knife and a very strong arm. But once you figure out a way to open this ugly, green, squat-looking pumpkin, the juicy insides are worth all that work.But once you figure out a way to open this ugly, green, squat-looking pumpkin, the juicy insides are worth all that work. Teiichi serves a slice of seaweed over his braised kakobcha pumpkin slices ($4.00), which sit in a bed of savory soy broth." 

The Greek on CultureMap Dallas:  
We're excited to see The Greek noted on CultureMap Dallas as one of the "New on the Dallas restaurant scene: A crazy spate of fall openings."  Teresa Gubbins wrote,"New concept from folks behind Ziziki's takes over the space previously occupied by The Commissary."  The Greek is on track to open October 19th.

Chef Teiichi Sakurai at Tei-An: The Best in DFW - Chefs 2012

We were so excited to see chef Teiichi Sakurai at Tei-An in "The Best in DFW: Chefs 2012 - these toques are tops" in the Dallas Morning News by Leslie Brenner. Brenner wrote, "The incomparable chef-owner of Dallas' 5-star Japanese dining room excels at two things: elevating traditional dishes to their loftiest possible expression, and creating, within that idiom, something entirely new."

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photograph: Kye R. Lee/Staff Photographer