Shawn Saumell's Artist Talk at JM Gallery was a HUGE success!

Last Thursday, June 25, JM Gallery hosted an artist talk and reception with featured photographer Shawn Saumell. Saumell presented his newest series Ascension, which features humanoid mannequins hidden among seemingly natural scenery. He also explained the process behind his photography: the creation of a tabletop landscape (or tableau), which was built from found natural objects. This was the public’s first ever chance to observe one of Saumell’s intricate tableaus in person.

As Saumell explains, everyone’s interpretation of the artwork depends on his or her own experiences and connections. Because of this, the beauty of his art “Exists in your mind more than it exists on your wall”. Don’t miss out on the chance to personally experience Saumell’s captivating series presented at JM Gallery now through July 25. 

(Shawn Saumell speaks with Sarah Galaro from The Dallas Arts District)