New Restaurant in the Arts District- THE COMMISSARY

Slated for an early April opening, the much anticipated arrival of a new restaruant will add a new flavor to the plaza...The Commissary. John Tesar, five-star chef formerly with The Mansion, will open a wine and burger bar & bistro. And get's going to feature wine on tap! How fun. Apparently it's the new thing and we'll have it here at One Arts Plaza. The menu will feature a variety of tasty, grass-fed beef burgers in addition to small plates (think gourmet cheese cart & salumi - y.u.m.). He'll be open 7 days a week, serving lunch and dinner and late night meals, for those headed back from an Arts District performance or anyone out on the town. He'll also have take-out available for those on-the-go in cool, eco-friendly packages (love). He expects brunch and burger specials on the weekends too. Ohhh...and one last thing...he's going to have a communal chef's table where people can reserve a seat to enjoy a special chef's menu so keep an eye out for a future post on where to get all the 411. Is your mouth watering yet?