Live Holiday Music In Our Lobby This Week Only

So TO-DAY is the first day of December. It's gettin chilly outside, sparkling lights are going up and holiday music is permeating our surroundings to get us in the right mood for the holiday season. And One Arts Plaza, along with WRR, is pitching in for the holiday spirit. One of the most beatuiful things to listen to is a live chorus and we are offering it several times this week for our lunchtime crowd. From 12:45 pm - 1:00 pm on Wednesday and Friday we will have a live chorus singing in our commercial lobby. Surprisingly, the acoustics are perfect for this almost sounds like an urban cathedral. Check out the video to hear the performance from this past Monday afternoon. Join us in the sun-filled lobby with fresh bright red poinsettas and a very tall Santa, to get you in the holiday spirit.