Spectacular Spotlight Sunday

Sunday's grand finale to the opening week of AT&T's Performing Arts Center was truly a historical and magical event. The weather was perfect with glorious sunshine and a cool Fall breeze. Flora Street was filled with thousands of people walking, laughing, smiling, playing in the water fountains and relishing in the beauty of what is now everyone's to enjoy. Seeing the lines of people waiting to get into the Wyly Theatre & Winspear Opera House was a true testiment to how Dallasites support the arts and humanities. It's an exciting time for our city and our future. One Arts Plaza is proud to be part of such an amazing urban arts district. Our plaza was filled with people dancing into the wee hours of the night to Hunter Sullivan's vibrant jazz band. Our restaurant patios were filled with people eating and drinking and relishing in all the festivities. The evening finale with the spectacular fireworks was truly magical and breathtaking...a site that is not often witnessed. All of downtown's skyscrapers seemed to bow and welcome its newest memebers. The Winspear's crimson red tile glowed proudly and pulsed like the heartbeat it now represents to Dallas. May the energy that sparked this day continue on for us all to enjoy.