Dine Around: Tei An

I'd like to throw out a special thank you to Teiichi for a wonderful meal on Wednesday. A co-worker and I worked late at the Plaza and decided to continue our personal dine-around. I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture, so Tei An was my first choice. The setting was serene, the lighting perfect, and gentle lounge music completed the mood. I love a restaurant where you can have a conversation with the person next to you without having to raise your voice.

Teiichi came out and greeted us and talked a little shop, then we let him pick our meal. It was fantastic. I'm not a food critic, so my descriptions would sound ridiculous. However, I highly recommend what we had: white seaweed salad, tuna tartar, beef on the rock (melts in your mouth), whitefish tempura, and then finish it off with some curry soba noodles. The only thing missing at Tei An are little beds where you could nap until you're hungry again.