Thank Heaven!

It's summer and we all have one thing on our mind right? Slurpees! Well some of us are still enamored with the simple things in life I guess.

What better way to chill on a July afternoon in Texas than by enjoying a nice, cold ice drink. And what better drink is there than the one from our childhood right? Every suburbanite remembers the joy or riding his or her bicycle up to the local 7-11 and getting a cherry (my favorite) or root beer Slurpee.

Well the folks at 7-11, headquartered in One Arts Plaza, celebrate each July 11th by giving away free Slurpees as part of their Customer Appreciation Day ( July 11th...7-11...get it...yeah, OK good). This year it's to celebrate 7-11's 81st birthday. Feeling old yet? Well feel like a kid again by treating yourself to a free Slurpee, but bring the kids along too.

7-11 FREE Slurpee